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The Columbia Pomeranian Club of Portland, Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibiting and breeding of purebred Pomeranians, and to the betterment of the breed.  


Portland, Oregon
Established 1953


Upcoming Events

2020 Event Cancelled

"Greater Clark County Kennel Club has been notified by the Clark County Event Center that based on the restrictions imposed by Governor Jay Inslee on Sunday, November 15, 2020 we are unable to have our December 4-6, 2020 events."



We will again be combining our Specialties with the Toy Specialty and Greater Clark County shows December 4 through 6.  This COVID year we will have five shows available in the three days.

This is a general overview of the "Show and Go" format that will be happening.

The State requirements are very specific. The Governorís mandate will be followed to the letter.  The Clark County Event Center is a municipally held building. All mandates will be followed. It has been made very clear to us if the mandate is not followed they will not hesitate to shut down the show.

Here is the link to those requirements:   https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/COVID19%20Phase2%20Agricultural%20Events%20Guidance.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

 Please read and familiarize yourself with them. They will strictly enforced. Included in all Premium Lists will be the waiver to be signed by everyone, including but not limited to: exhibitors, club members, superintendent, judges, etc.

Here are a few of the high points:

  • Everyone will get their temperature taken daily. Everyone will be given wrist bands. EVERYONE. 

  • EVERYONE WILL WEAR A MASK. NO EXCEPTIONS. If for some reason someone feels they are exempt, TOO BAD. They will not be allowed in the building without a mask.

  • Show and Go weekend. Enter one side, exit another.

  • Armbands will be put on a table outside the ring entrance. Ribbons will be put on a table at the ring exit.

  • The Event Center will be devided into 4 sections to up the number of people we can allow. No more than 50 people in each section at one time.

  • Time limited to 15 minutes for each person.

  • No spectators, guests, grooming, crating, or vendors. No trophy tables, raffles, or food of any kind. The Clark County Event Center is a municipally held building. All mandates will be followed.

Here are some of the unanswered questions we have received, and some thoughts related to them.  The October show in this same venu is serving as a test case.  We will have a clearer picture of how things will go after their show.

  • When rotating outside can carts with dogs stay inside?  This is an unknown at this point.  I suspect the carts and dogs will be able to stay, but that is yet to be determined.

  • If your 15 minutes are up and they have not completed the class, you are in the ring with your dog??? Figure 2.5 minutes per dog to judge, this makes for six dogs per class for 15 minutes.  Larger classes will have to be divided.  No exceptions with the 15 minute rule means just that. 

  • Are we breaking between classes to allow people go outside and back?  I expect that this may look similar to National where each class is called into the room at their time.

  • How are we going to handle people with dogs in back to back classes?  I expect that this may look similar to National where each class is called into the room at their time.  With time being so critical with the 15 minute mark I suspect we won't hold a class for someone that is "on their way".  But, this will all be more clear after the October show.

Hopefully this information will help you out in determining your entries.

Now for the schedule.  Friday will host the Toy Specialties and CPC Specialties.  The toy club will be releasing all of the toy breeds from one of the toy groups shows, so that the specialties have three shots at points in the one day.  Saturday and Sunday will be All Breed shows.  So, three days and five shows.

BaRay is the superintendent for the Specialties and the All-Breed shows.
Premium List

Show 1:  Janet Allen
Show 2:  Tim Robbins

Toy Specialty:  info coming soon.

Greater Clark County All Breed
Sat:  info coming soon.
Sun:  info coming soon.